Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Middle School Baseball Tryouts

Updated Tuesday September 10, 2019 by Riley Recreation League.

What is Middle School Baseball?

Middle School Baseball is the opportunity for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to represent their schools playing against other local area school teams of similar grade level. Middle School Baseball is recognized as a “club” and is not formally affiliated with the schools. While the program and teams will continue to be formalized, the plan is for games to be played in Spring 2020. Middle School Baseball will be a competitive program and is not a replacement to playing in a recreational baseball league. The plan is to have nine different teams:

  • Honey Creek 6th grade 
  • Honey Creek 7th grade 
  • Honey Creek 8th grade 
  • Sarah Scott 6th grade 
  • Sarah Scott 7th grade 
  • Sarah Scott 8th grade 
  • Woodrow Wilson 6th grade 
  • Woodrow Wilson 7th grade 
  • Woodrow Wilson 8th grade

What is Riley Recreation League’s involvement with Middle School Baseball?

Riley Recreation League is assisting to bring together interested coaches and players in the formation of teams as well as providing use of the fields for ‘Home’ games. Riley Recreation League is NOT responsible for teams. Teams for each school (Honey Creek, Sarah Scott, and Woodrow Wilson), and for each grade level (6th-7th-8th), are solely contingent upon coach volunteer participation as well as player availability to field the teams.

Why do interested coaches and players have to register before the tryouts?

Interested coaches and players need to register so organizers may better gauge the interest and participation for the tryout events. All interested coaches and players are asked to participate in both tryouts.

My son is currently in the 7th grade – will he be trying out for the 7th grade team or the 8th grade team?

Your son will first be considered for the 7th grade team (his current grade level for the 2019-2020 school year.) Depending on skill level and player numbers, there is the chance your son could be considered for the 8th grade team. All interested 6th-7th-8th grade students from Honey Creek, Sarah Scott, and Woodrow Wilson Middle Schools are encouraged to register and attend the tryouts.

What should players bring to the tryout?

At a minimum, players should bring their bats, gloves, and helmets.

What can players expect during the tryout?

The Terre Haute South High School Baseball Coaching Staff will be involved to assist with player evaluations. Coaches will be able to observe. Players should be prepared to play baseball and display their skills in hitting, fielding, running, pitching, and catching.

Why are Honey Creek, Sarah Scott, and Woodrow Wilson the only middle schools?

A significant portion of the student population from these three middle schools is likely to attend Terre Haute South High School. The Middle School Baseball tryouts and fall workouts are in partnership with the THS Baseball coaching staff. If you know of a baseball “club” represented by a different middle school and interested in playing at Riley Recreation League in Spring 2020, please send a message to

When will games be played in Spring 2020?

The schedule is still to be determined. Games will be coordinated in early 2020 with coaches from the other local area schools. The schedule is expected to be approximately 25 games played from March through May 2020. Games will likely be played during the week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening) and/or a possible doubleheader played on a weekend.

What are the associated costs involved?

Players will be responsible for uniforms – two jerseys and a hat. Additional costs will be determined due to team fees (umpires, baseballs, etc).


This is a new program for the students of Honey Creek, Sarah Scott, and Woodrow Wilson Middle Schools as well as for Riley Recreation League.  Numerous additional questions will arise during the on-going program development.  All interested students and potential coaches are encouraged to submit pertinent questions to

Thank you for your interest in 2020 Middle School Baseball!

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