Riley Tumbler Sale - Fundraiser Information

Updated Monday April 16, 2018 by Riley Recreation League.

Utilizing the brochures, the goal is for each player to sell three tumblers. Prizes will be awarded for the top two players who sell the most tumblers. First prize will be an Xbox and second prize will be a gift card for a new bat.

  • Players should turn in all money and checks to the coaches by the end of April. Checks are to be made payable to Riley Recreation League. If players choose to not sell tumblers, there is a buyout option. The total cost for a buyout is $30 - please note buyout when giving money/check to coaches.
  • Coaches are to turn in all money and checks for their team to the League Director on Friday, May 4. Coaches must keep a record to include players, count of tumblers sold per each player (or buyout), and total money received.
  • Vouchers will then be provided to the coaches who will then deliver vouchers back to the players. Vouchers will not be given without payment received. Vouchers will not be given with the buyout option.
  • Players must keep a list of tumblers sold and to whom so vouchers may be provided to the customers.
  • Upon receiving their voucher, the friends and family members will be instructed to go online to place their order for their personalized tumbler, utilizing the unique number from the voucher. The tumblers will ship directly to the home address of the purchaser.

*** Questions may be directed to Angie Jaynes at (812) 208-7291. ***